Who We Are

A group of motivated young people no longer satisfied with sitting on the political sidelines. We are home-grown and led by amazing young leaders from across Miami-Dade—activists, teachers, college students, young professionals, comedians, and organizers—with swagger to spare.

Our mission is to create a more just, democratic, and sustainable Miami for generations to come by encouraging a culture of civic participation for young people that is bold, creative, and local!

We are shattering the apathetic Millennial myth by reimagining civic access and information for a 21st Century Miami. We believe in “speaking youth to power” by registering fellow young people to vote and helping them get all the information they need to cast their ballot with confidence. We develop new civic leaders. We advocate for just local policy change. We build power for our generation—the largest and most diverse yet—in the street and at the ballot box.


By building relationships through face-to-face conversations and direct community engagement, we work with young people to identify the issue they care about and on making sure they understand the importance of elections, especially local elections, on that issue. From there we ensure they have the access, skills, and information needed to be comfortable and confident citizens, whether that is in the voting booth or at a county commission meeting. This will ultimately create a force of young people who ensure elected officials are working to resolve the problems facing our generation in Miami and it will cultivate a network of young leaders with the resources and understanding they need to craft and implement their own solutions.


We were founded in 2015 by young Miamians involved in the community group Emerge Miami. They saw an opportunity in the City of Miami District 2 Commission seat to show the power of motivating young people to turn out in a local election. Around the same time the Alliance of Youth Action, of which we are now an affiliate, was looking to expand to Miami and spoke at an Emerge event. This connection and the D2 election proved serendipitous and Engage Miami was born on July 6th, 2015.