Who We Are

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Engage Miami builds equity and power through voter engagement, civic education, leadership development, and organizing around our issue platform, the Young People’s Policy Priorities. We’re all about Gen Z and millennial voters and leaders, building young people’s power in majority Black and Latinx communities. Our members, volunteers, students, and staff are the heart of who we are and why we do what we do. We’re pushing the envelope of what’s possible as a multiracial, multigenerational organization founded by and for young people. We are the home base and hub for young people in South Florida making our communities more just, sustainable, and democratic through civic leadership and engagement.

What We Do

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We’re coming together to build our power, our culture, and our community right now, through year round organizing, issue advocacy, community building, and turning out our generation at the polls for every election. At Engage, we’re building a power center where young people are political leaders; we don’t have to wait for the older generations to step aside and hand us the keys to City Hall. We bring civic engagement directly to young people on college campuses and in communities and go beyond the ballot box as advocates, organizers, and community leaders.

Every year, we register voters, create voter guides that show where the candidates stand on the issues that matter most to young people, and make sure all of us have the information we need to be confident and ready to vote. We organize at city hall, the county commission, and in the state legislature to make our platform, the Young People’s Policy Priorities, a reality in our cities and in our state.

Our Story and Impact

Founded in 2015 by young people for young people, Engage Miami has been a key leader in registering Gen Z and millennial Black and Latinx voters, and turning out those newly registered voters at early voting sites on South Florida campuses that our advocacy work won, where nearly 50,000 voters have cast ballots between the 2018 and 2020 general elections. We’ve turned out to the Miami-Dade Budget Hearings every year since 2018, advocating for investment in climate, housing, transit, divestment from police and prisons, and investment in social services and mental health. We rally with our partners and coalitions, and make sure young people are at the table when big decisions are made around climate, housing, democracy and more. 

We got out the count during the 2020 census and fought for fair districts, voting rights, and representation for Black and Latinx communities in 2022 at the local and state level. Our voter engagement work has made the difference with tens of thousands of young Floridians by handing out 250,000 voter guides, organizing thousands of students to take action, hosting over 50 Fellows to grow our political leadership bench, and bringing our members together to develop an advocacy platform that really represents us: the Young People’s Policy Priorities, launched in 2020. In 2020 we made over 1 million phone calls resulting in 60,000 conversations with 25,000 pledges to vote. We sent 500,000 texts and 260,00 mailers, including 125,000 voter guides. Average youth voter turnout in Miami-Dade in 2020 was 67.5%, but voters we pledged turned out at a rate of 75%. Voters we organize are 11.1% more likely to vote than their peers, proving the success and impact of our organizing.

Disclaimer: The website is for Engage Miami, a 501(c)4 organization. If you’re looking for Engage Miami Civic Foundation, click here for our 501(c)3 sibling organization!