"We're building our power. It's our future, and it's our vote." In bold yellow font at the top of the image. There's a collage of Engage Miami members, volunteers, staff, canvassers, and fellows out in the field registering voters, attending marches, speaking at government hearings, and canvassing.

We Build Power. Together.

Engage Miami builds civic equity and power through voter engagement, civic education, leadership development, and local and state issue organizing. We center young Black and Latinx voters ages 16-35, building our generation’s power to win the future we deserve.

Five people crossing railroad tracks.

Take Action!

We love our local libraries 📚 They are one of the few remaining public spaces in our communities and provide books, WiFi, and a place to beat the heat. They serve as community hubs and we deserve beautiful, well-resourced centers for learning and connection. Our library services in Miami-Dade are funded through our $10 billion county budget–receiving less than 1% of the total budget. We have the power to shape how our tax dollars are spent and we know our libraries deserve more resources.

We want to know what you’d like to see and what would encourage you to visit your local library!

⚠️ We’re letting everyone know! ⚠️New Florida law requires all Florida voters to submit their vote-by-mail request after every general election cycle (i.e. every two years). 

We’re hosting a phone bank on Thursday, April 6 at 3 pm to remind folks to renew their request for a mail-in ballot. Our phone bank is via Zoom and is open to EVERYONE, so invite your friends and family to join us in fighting for a more just, democratic, and sustainable South Florida. Register now at bit.ly/april6pb!