Engage Miami November 2020 Voter Guide


The 2020 general election is here! 

At Engage, we know how important it is for all of us to be able to make an informed vote, and how hard it can be to find out where some of these candidates actually stand. We’ve put together our November 2020 Young People’s Voter Guide so you have a quick and easy resource to check and share.

Our guide covers US Congressional Districts 26 + 27, FL Senate Districts 37 + 39, and the races for President of the United States and Miami-Dade County Mayor, breaking down where the candidates stand on the issues. We also cover the first four constitutional amendments we’ll be voting on in Florida, including our recommendations.

Please note, all research for our guide was found in statements that are available to the public, including candidate websites, social media, and news media. Our print guide which was mailed included research available before September 15, and our digital guide has been updated to include research found before October 15. Our guide is created independently of any candidate or campaign.

We know our guide doesn’t cover everything on the ballot, so definitely check your sample ballot so you know exactly what to expect. We also love to uplift other guides, so you have access to as much info as possible. We think knowledge is power, and sharing is caring, so check our guide to the guides below!

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