Knowledge is Power: Voter Hub

Your vote is your voice, and our city needs all of us – you, me, our neighbors and friends, to decide on the future of our city. In November 2019, Hialeah, Homestead, City of Miami, and Miami Beach all have local elections, meaning that city council and some mayors will be decided by the voters. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the future of the community you love and live in!

Each candidate for office has a different perspective, and will represent the community differently. If you’re eligible to vote, make sure you’re registered, then make sure you vote in every. single. election. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Check your registration, polling places, and sample ballot through the Miami-Dade Elections Department (links below).
  2. Find out who is running and will be on your ballot, google the heck out of them, and check our 2019 City of Miami Voter Guide or the one at the New Tropic, articles in the Miami Herald and more to learn who should earn your vote.
  3. Go to to get all the details on your ballot, how candidate campaigns are getting financed, what turnout looks like in your area and more!

City of Miami 2019 Voter Guide


List of neighborhoods in District 1 and District 2

District 1 and District 2 neighborhoods


















Check out our voter guide by topic below to compare where each candidate stands. Responses are included for all candidates who responded to our voter guide questionnaire. In District 4, the incumbent, Manolo Reyes, is running unopposed and did not respond to our questionnaire.

  1. City of Miami Voter Guide – Priorities
  2. City of Miami Voter Guide – Campaign Finance Reform
  3. City of Miami Voter Guide – Police Oversight
  4. City of Miami Voter Guide – Climate Change
  5. City of Miami Voter Guide – Affordable Housing



find your district


You Can Vote by Mail!

Vote from the comfort of your bed or couch with a mail-in ballot (you can also google as you go down the ballot when you vote by mail). You can request your ballot be sent to you by mail up until 6 days before the election; that’s by October 26 for the 2019 Municipal Elections.

When mailing your ballot back, make sure you get it in the mail in time for it to be received by the Elections department by 7:00pm on election day. We recommend sending it in at least 3 days before the election. Don’t forget to sign the envelope as required!

Want a step by step guide to vote by mail? Check out the Florida elections page for all the details. Finally, remember that just because you requested a vote by mail ballot, you can still choose to vote in person!

You Can Vote Early!

Get voting done before election day at a location near you – it’s simple and convenient. During the 2019 Municipal Elections each of the four municipalities with elections have different early voting schedules, so if you live in City of Miami, Hialeah, Homestead, and Miami Beach you can find all of the schedules and locations here.

Make sure you have the ID you need: current identification with your name, photo, and signature is required to vote in person.



















You Can Vote on Election Day!

The Municipal Election is on November 5th. On election day polling sites are open from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Not sure where your closest voting location is? Look it up here.

Make sure you have the ID you need if you are voting in person during on Election Day. Current identification with your name, photo, and signature is required to vote in person. You can also bring in two forms of ID that together have all three required identifiers (ex. a current student ID with your picture and a debit card that has your signature). If you are not able to show the required identification or your eligibility to vote cannot be determined, you have the right to vote through a Provisional Ballot that will be verified as a vote at a later time.