We believe we can thrive in the 305—we just have to prepare adequately for the future. How our local budget is allocated every year determines how we prioritize and value different county services and the issues we are facing as young people: from transit to public safety to housing to climate resiliency. As young people, we have the power and the responsibility to demand change and pressure our County government to invest in the solutions we know are necessary for a livable future in Miami-Dade.

That’s why we study, organize, and advocate for the Young People’s Budget Priorities every single year. We believe our communities and young people especially should be centered in the decision-making process.

Get Involved:

1. Become a member to join budget study and strategy sessions!

2. Sign on to the Young People’s Budget Priorities.

3. Come out with us to Government Center on September 7 & 21 to uplift the Young People’s Budget Priorities.

We’ve successfully secured increased investments in affordable housing, climate action, campus early voting, and social services along with dozens of community partners and hundreds of Miami-Dade residents. We believe Miami-Dade needs to invest in solutions and services that heal us instead of systems that harm us.

2023 – 2024

For the first time in history, our County budget is $11.7 BILLION. We should invest it in our community and our future. Many of us and our families are struggling to live here amid housing unaffordability, extreme heat, unrelenting traffic, preventable floods, lack of community spaces, and insufficient political will to implement change. The issues we are facing in our county require bold, immediate action and long-term investment to ensure we can stay in the place we call home and generations after us can live and thrive in Miami.

We already have resources and expertise within our County to address housing unaffordability, extreme heat, unrelenting traffic, flooding, and increased demand for mental health and social services. All we need is our county government to listen and stand up for young people. Sign on to the Young People’s Budget Priorities to contact your County Commissioner directly.

Ready to do more? Join us in the upcoming in-person budget hearings:

📅 Thursday, September 7, 2023 🕐 5:00 PM 

📅 Thursday, September 21, 2023 🕐 5:00 PM

📍Stephen P Clark Government Center

111 NW 1st St, Miami, FL

Check off the date(s) you want to attend when you sign on to the Young People’s Budget Priorities.

What’s in the 2023-2024 proposed budget?

We put together data visualizations to help you get a fuller picture of what’s in the budget: overall funding broken down by strategic areas and departments, changes in allocations from last year, and a comparison tool you can toggle to see different departments.